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A detailed guide on the Power Tempest in Guild Wars 2. This Tempest build is a great damage variant of the Elementalist with around 36.2k DPS on huge hitboxes. List of tempest skills See also: List of elementalist skills Profession mechanic. Overload is a profession mechanic exclusive to tempests that grants additional skills while in each attunement, causing an effect while the tempest channels it and for a short period afterwards. I see qTfy has a condi build now for Tempest. Has anyone tested this against power Tempest? Which is the better build for raiding? I'm about to.

31/08/2019 · Tempest is also better to kill all the adds. Weaver is better on bullet sponge kind of fights and especially cms but tempest is not as bad as you think. Especially in open world where its far superior to power sword weaver or condi weaver for everything except soloing champs. Another fractal where most eles struggle is Twilight oasis. 09/11/2015 · This is the build I use for high level fractals or any fight where the enemy has a lot of thoughness. It will be interesting to see this build in raids. Past. for the specc please google "fresh air tempest gw2 vale guardian king", since i am at work atm and unable to remember the names of the top of my head. also: please note that buffing might, while still a great addition if no-one in your group can provide it, will diminish your dps quite a bit. Fire condi Tempest. Im thinking of changing to try this build out as I'm getting bored of my knight build. First and foremost viper stats with tempest rune sounds very promising to me, especially regarding the burn durations I would get. Any input regarding this is welcomed. 15/08/2018 · So the two recommended variants from arcane here are water which feels like a waste to me without a group to support, and fire which seems to risky solo, I tried to briefly and did not like the lack of utility, however I find arcane extremely underwhelming now, they just do not feel very effective or useful compared to others, people talk about.

Dagger and scepter tempest builds are a lot stronger with Fresh air trait. So take air 3-2-2 or 3-1-2 for better glyph synergy. In tempest go x-3-x where x is either 1 or 3, all 4 traits are solid picks. Glyph heal is usually the best choice, cantrip can replace it in condi heavy fights, but thats kind of rare in open world. 23/03/2018 · Tempest should be the support elite spec but ppl wanted too much dmg on it so now its a mess of every thing a kind of ele 1. I hope it gets a support update to be on part with the other major support set up like scorge barrier fire branes boons and/or durdie burst heal with high dmgfor group. 08/05/2016 · Hey guys this is my build Weapons/armour: Dagger/focus Superiour Sigil of Bursting on your Dagger and Smouldering for your Focus. Sinister armour prefix is the preferred but, if you're unable to obtain it, go for Rabid which is just as good - gives condi as main and precision as secondary which you need crit change for that burn change on crit.

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